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"Never Stop Progressing"



Having a strong passion for art has allowed me to experiment with all different styles and media, having this opportunity has allowed to develop my ideas and skills beyond what I thought possible.

I believe in practice makes progress, because come on, no one is perfect; which means I intend to practice to progress my skill and knowledge of artwork, and never stop learning about art, and how I can push myself to be a better artist.

I love to develop my skills and knowledge of all things art, and constantly push myself to develop my skills outside of my comfort zone as well.

I'm not held back by what I am good at,  I love expanding my knowledge of art in all forms, I found that painting and drawing are my all-time favourites, I plan to never stop progressing in art, and I always want to be developing and improving. 

My work ethic and constant push for development has led me to being featured on BBC Radio, several newspapers, and have my projects reported on.

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Chalkie Painting
Self Portrait Drawing
Grandad Drawing
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Carter Art

I spend any ounce of free time I have away from college projects working on my own personal endeavours, notably the launch of “Carter Art” an online platform I launched for art students to visit, where they have free access to all articles (verified writers can contribute articles to the site), and can connect with artists alike, they also use it as a platform to share their art and store their own portfolios and a forum for critique and evaluation in a positive environment.